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2004-09-01 - 6:56 p.m.


ok, so i went for an interview today but i do not think i am going to get the job. interview man said that he is talking to lots of people and i am pretty sure that one of the other people will impress him more than me. i think the problem was that i did not tell enough lies to compensate for the fact that i cannot tell him what i really do in my spare time. for some reason i do not think anybody is too impressed when they find out that you spend your time writing crap on the internet and drawing pictures (apart from internet people that is).

anyway, i went to the job place on the tube - it is what we call the underground train in london - but as usual there were signal and suicide problems down there so it was getting pretty late by the time i got to the station i wanted. i looked at my watch when i got up to the surface and realised that i only had about eight minutes to get to the interview. i looked for a taxi but there were none around (it was maybe a good thing because i had no money and would have to have given the driver my shoes as payment) so i ran.

ok, so following my internet map i got to the place about two minutes late and out of breath and a bit sweaty and a lot dehydrated because it was hot today in the city. i went up to the cute receptionist and said uisdho, sdfag, dfshuioerhgkldg^%" dsoiuhwrqpghoirhdqnh ?Hrfh!! because i could not talk properly after running. she must have thought that i was maybe a well dressed hobo but eventually i managed to speak some english words and it was all ok but i was obviously a mess. she showed me where the bathroom was (the time did not matter because interview man was in meetings or something).

i cleaned myself up a bit and straightened up my suit and hair so i did not look like i had been drinking all morning and then as i was walking back to reception i saw another door. i opened the door a crack to do some industrial espionage and soon realised that i had hit the jackpot because it was a sort of little kitchen thing with some cupboards and a microwave and etc. it is exactly the sort of place where recyclebot comes into his element so i let him in and then walked off looking nonchalant.

anyway, after the interview i quickly went outside and around to the back of the building where i found recyclebot waiting for me. he had done well and we enjoyed stale bread sandwiches and coffee grounds on the train home. it is a lesson to be learned - even though interviews may not go too well it is never a wasted journey if you get a robot to steal food for you.


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